As a first time home buyer, I was nervous and stressed about finding the right place. Isabel was outstanding in making sure I did not feel pressured or rushed into such a large purchase. Her recommendations and feedback along the way made me truly enjoy a very exciting time! She goes above and beyond to ensure her clients are happy and was extremely attentive. She is the person you want to help you find your home :) C.K 

Isabel is the person you want to help you find your home !!

I work in sales and I have come to appreciate people in the industry more than ever. Isabel is everything you could want when trying to find a home. Her advice and experience really shows how important it is to have someone that you can trust and respect to help you along this journey. Isabel made everything very easy, especially since it is the first time I was going to rent a condo and had no idea what to do. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or rent in the city. Thanks again Isabel - L. Artindale

Trustworthy, Knowledgeable & Professional!

We were really struggling to find a place and we were running out of time (literally two weeks to move out), fortunately for us  -  we met Isabel -  she not only helped us find the perfect place, within the required timeline, but most importantly within our price range!  Not an easy task for a Realtor in this market!   Isabel was extremely helpful and considerate and guided us through the whole process.  We are very happy with our new place and will be recommending Isabel to everybody we know.  Dan & Cris 

Very Helpful, Resourceful and Timely!

I can't say enough about the Isabel, she was organized, professional and provided service that is definitely above average. she gave great advice throughout the whole process and I will be recommending Isabel to friends and family. Thanks again Isabel - P.Mellor

Outstanding & Extremely Professional Realtor !

Isabel was great to work with. She's super funny and really took care of us. She was a team player and always put us first. As a first time renter, she really helped me out and provided great advice and recommendations. We will definitely work with her again in the future and highly recommend to friends & family or anyone looking for a new place to live. - J.Luu

Very Thoughtful, Caring and Fun-loving Realtor!

Isabel was absolutely wonderful to work with! She had great attention to detail and went above and beyond for us as first time renters from start to finish, even after the deal was sealed. I would recommend her to family and friends in a heartbeat!  A. Shaver & K. Law

Went Above & Beyond For Us! Wonderful to Work With!

We are very satisfied with our new place, especially considering the very short time frame and restrictions. Isabel was a pleasure to work with, and made the whole process much less stressful. She gave us useful advice, responded in a timely manner and was overall a great professional. We would definitely recommend Isabel to anyone looking for a new place to live!  F. Caracas 

Very Timely, Extremely Helpful and Very Professional !

Isabel was funny, very friendly and professional!  As it was our first time looking to rental apartment, Isabel was great as she made the leasing process seem super easy for us and certainly made it very entertaining - she's alot of fun!!  We would definitely work with Isabel again in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or rent!!  J.R. & A.F.

Isabel was AMAZING to work with!! Very Personable!

Finding a new condo can be stressful and time consuming, but Isabel was there with us every step of the way to support us and ensure we got the right deal. I would certainly reccomend and continue to work with Isabel in the future.    Thank you, Isabel, for all of the hard work you put towards finding us the perfect place!  C. Patterson

Hardworking, Informative, Supportive and Great Negotiator!

Isabel was absolutely wonderful to work with! From the first place we saw she was absolutely honest and got to know our personalities perfectly. She is very upbeat and always available whenever needed. Isabel definitely went above and beyond for us even after the deal was finished. We found the perfect place thanks to Isabel!  We will definitely be using Isabel again and am excited to recommend her to family and friends!! Thank you so much Isabel for making this process so enjoyable :) -   S.P. & B.O'Neill

Goes Above and Beyond with Honesty and Integrity !!

We are so happy to work with Isabel, she has been wonderful & extremely helpful. We are massively thankful to her for helping us get this lease as we were out of time & really stressed. Our case was special as we are new to this country & the protocols are different from the UK when you are looking for a lease. Isabel gave us options and helped put a word in for us to the landlord. Sometimes I've called her after 8pm and she's been really prompt at returning messages and calls. She also checks on us from time to time which is great. She's an "A" star agent and a lovely human being. We very happily recommend her to friends of our or anyone else looking for a place. - N. Seth 

A+++ Realtor ! Very Knowledgeable, Caring & Attentive !

Isabel definitely went above and beyond to ensure we were satisfied with our new home - even after all the paperwork was completed. Her attention to detail was incredible, she was prompt to reply to any questions we had and she really had our best interests in mind the whole way through. Thanks for making this process so easy for us Isabel!  J. Smith 

Very Informative, Timely, Detailed and Extremely Professional!

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